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How are Australian post codes organised?

Postal codes were introduced in 1967 to make mail routing easier throughout the country. The basic theory of how postcodes are allocated is quite straight-forward, but there are a number of anomalies. In basic terms, Australian postal codes are always 4 digits long and follow the following rules:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)2600 to 2618 and 29##
New South Wales (NSW)2###
Northern Territory (NT)08## and 09##
Queensland (QLD)4###
South Australia (SA)5###
Tasmania (TAS)7###
Victoria (VIC)3###
Western Australia (WA)6###

There are different number ranges for PO Boxes and high volume mail users and there are some exceptions to the above rules, where state borders are geographically confusing or a postcode spans more than one state.

In addition to this there are specific postcodes for Australia's external islands and territories that do not follow the state divisions.

We have done our best to provide accurate information for all postcodes and areas, including the exceptions to the rules - but if you find anything incorrect please do get in touch.