Frequently Asked Questions

What defines an "Urban Centre" ?

On our pages you'll see us displaying the "nearest urban centre" to a given postcode or suburb. We get a lot of emails telling us that this data is incorrect, usually because it isn't clear what we mean by that.

On this site, urban centre means any one of the 50 most populated settlements in Australia, as listed on this page. So, nearest urban centre is the closest of these 50 places. It is not the nearest town with a certain population, the closest regional centre, or any other definition.

Why is your closest station data incorrect?

Our station data is based on crowdsourced information - i.e. it was put together by volunteers. We are aware that in some places it is inaccurate, and may cover some stations that are no longer operating, or omit some newer stations or lines.

It is impossible for us to manually rebuild this data from scratch, so until we know that a certain area is incorrect we can't do a lot about it. When a user informs us that the station data is incorrect for a certain area we update it, so if you notice any errors in this respect please let us know.

Why doesn't your hotel data include ALL hotels in an area?

Our partner for hotel data is They have one of the largest (if not the largest) directories of Australian hotels available. However, if they don't list a particular hotel then we don't either, as our data comes from them. We regularly update our database to include newly listed hotels and to update details on currently accommodation.

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