Terrica, Queensland

Postcode: 4387

Latitude: -28.546

Longitude: 151.511

Locality: Toowoomba

State: Queensland (capital: Brisbane - 191km away)

Nearest Urban Centre: Toowoomba, QLD (118km away)

Area Code: 07 (+61 7 from overseas)

Time Zone: AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)

Current Time: 30/09/2023 08:23:57 am

Nearest Airport: Oakey Airport (128km away)

Nearest Train Station: Graysholm (25km away)

Nearest Hotels:
Granite Gardens Cottages (38km away)
Ridgemill Estate (41km away)
Glen Aplin Gardens (41km away)
Happy Valley Retreat & Brewery (41km away)
Eagle's Nest (42km away)
Murray Gardens Cottages & Motel (42km away)
Grovely House (42km away)
Sancerre Estate (42km away)
Vineyard Cottages & Cafe (42km away)
Accommodation Creek Cottages (43km away)
Cypress Ridge Cottages (45km away)
Windswept Country Retreat (48km away)
Texas Yellow Rose Guesthouse (48km away)
Girraween Country Inn (49km away)

Nearby Geographical Features:
Mount You You (10.0km away)
Mount Bullaganang (10km away)
Bentley Hill (17km away)
Bald Hill (27km away)
Black Mountain (28km away)
Mount Burrabaranga (29km away)
Herries Range (30km away)
Mount Magnus (30km away)
Jibbinbar Mountain (31km away)
Black Jack Mountain (32km away)
Brown Mountain (33km away)
Pine Mountain (34km away)
Coxs Sugarloaf (36km away)
Mount Bodumba (39km away)
Mount Gunyan (39km away)
Mount Donaldson (41km away)
Mount Silverwood (50km away)
Sailor Jack (52km away)
Mount Gammie (53km away)
Mount Steele (55km away)
Mount Norman (57km away)
The Blacks Rock (59km away)
Mount Emlyn (60km away)
Rock of Gibraltar (60km away)
Butlers Nob (61km away)

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