Postcode 4486, Queensland

Areas in postcode 4486:

Latitude: -28.510

Longitude: 148.370

Locality: Toowoomba

State: Queensland (capital: Brisbane - 471km away)

Nearest Urban Centre: Toowoomba, QLD (367km away)

Area Code: 07 (+61 7 from overseas)

Time Zone: AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)

Current Time: 12/04/2024 09:27:19 pm

Nearest Airport: St George Airport (56km away)

Nearest Train Station: Limebush (24km away)

Nearby Features:
Burra Wurra Lagoon (34km away)
The Blue Lagoon (38km away)
Parachute Lagoons (42km away)
The Shell Hole (43km away)
Lake Munya (47km away)
Horseshoe Lagoon (53km away)
The Green Swamp (58km away)
Thuraggi Lagoon (60km away)
Lake Bokhara (63km away)
Weary Island (68km away)
Kajarabie Lagoon (73km away)
Townday Swamp (76km away)
Katoota Lagoon (85km away)
Wynia Waterhole (90km away)
Beardie Lagoon (98km away)

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