Postcode 2880, New South Wales

Areas in postcode 2880:
Broken Hill
Broken Hill North
Broken Hill South
Broken Hill West
Cameron Corner
Little Topar
Mount Gipps
Stephens Creek

Latitude: -30.885

Longitude: 141.945

Locality: New Country West

State: New South Wales (capital: Sydney - 930km away)

Nearest Urban Centre: Mildura, VIC (367km away)

Area Code: 02 (+61 2 from overseas)
Warning - Parts of southern New South Wales use area code 03.

Time Zone: Varies by area within postcode

Nearest Airport: Broken Hill Airport (132km away)

Nearest Train Station: Wahratta Station (121km away)

Nearby Features:
Lake Bancannia (11km away)
Nucha Lake (28km away)
Bengoro Range (33km away)
Coko Range (35km away)
Noonthorangee Range (37km away)
Bynguano Range (43km away)
Saladin Lake (50km away)
Yardenberry Mountain (50km away)
Koonenberry Mountain (53km away)
Little Koonenberry Mountain (55km away)
Camels Hump (56km away)
Mount Wright (58km away)
One Tree Hill (60km away)
Lake Ellis (72km away)
The Peak (73km away)
Spring Hill (74km away)
Collins Bonnet (74km away)
Gnalta Peak (76km away)
Mount Dering (76km away)
Mount Daubeny (77km away)
Main Barrier Range (78km away)
Fairy Hill (79km away)
Mount Woowoolahrah (79km away)
Daisy Lake (80km away)
The Salt Lake (89km away)

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